Is 2020 Michael Jordan's Year?

Can't Wait to See 2323

Rajiv Satyal

OK, this is a little dark, but you know how we aspire to find the best in the worst of times, humor against the sadness, inspiration amidst the malaise? Well, here you go.


Kobe Bryant dies tragically. A global pandemic strikes, killing 400K and counting. George Floyd is brutally murdered.

- Because of Bryant's passing, Jordan gives the speech of his life, laying his friend to rest and giving laughs to the entire Staples Center by mocking himself and the Crying Jordan meme.

- Because of corona, ESPN rushes production, so we're all at home to watch The Last Dance and relive MJ's entire career.

- Because of Floyd, Jordan's foundation donates $100 million to social justice, countering one of the most withering critiques of his career: that he didn't do enough to speak up for the community.

The Last Dance wrapped on May 17, with the hype, followup specials, and denouement lasting the next several days. Floyd died on May 25. Had the MJ doc been off by even one week, it would've been too late. In other words…


(And LeBron James' season is disrupted.)

As they say, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. And MJ is both.

Twenty years after Michael Jordan retired, we're still looking for him to lift our spirits. To show us the best of America, Black Excellence, and worldwide achievement.

And he... just did it.

Long live the G.O.A.T. 🏀

And if all of that wasn’t enough, he just caught a 442-pound marlin.

#BigFish #IWasUpLateNightBallin #VinceStaples #StaplesCenter

Of course he did; this reminds me of something I learned in grade school:

What does GHOT spell? It’s not Goat. It’s Fish.

GH = F as in Enough. O makes an “I” sound as in Women. T is SH as in Motion.

And now you know this.

#MichaelJordan #BlackLivesMatter #Jumpman #Swoosh