Live Game Show

Thursday 8 PM ET!

Our new game show, Desi Chain, is off to a fantastic start!

Please mark your calendars for tomorrow (Thursday, 1/28) at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT.

Desi Chain

Last week, it was an East Coast vs. West Coast Battle… and the East won by mere seconds, as Ranjeet bested Manoj in finding Pankit, a lawyer (and former Mr. India) in San Francisco.

Here’s the video. And this is what it looked like…

For our debut on 1/14, we live-streamed from a page that already had thousands of likes. So, for our little, new page (a whopping 5 likes) to generate these numbers out the gate was thrilling beyond measure. Well, maybe not beyond measure: you can look at the tallies. But still — pretty lit. If the kids are still saying “lit.” 🔥

The game is ostensibly a Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon for the Desi community.  And during this period of isolation and craziness, this soul-feeding project is based on the idea of how interconnected we all are.  It’s a Zoom-based game of social geography where contestants use their personal networks to create a “daisy chain” of people to get to a specific person designated "The Chosen One."

This week, we reprise the coastal showdown, pitting…

Shruti of Los Angeles vs. Pooja of New York.

You will not be on camera. So stay in your PJs. All you have to do is click here to tune in and watch.

See you Thursday at 8 PM ET. And thanks, as ALWAYS, for your support!

- Rajiv