My Piece Today in The Washington Post

Read It and Veep

Just had to share the news with you today... literally.

Super grateful The Washington Post ran my piece:

Many of you know how important I believe the topic of identity is; I'm glad I could be a part of this conversation.  Below is the original video.

Major shout-out to my brother, Rakesh Satyal, who connected me with his friend, Priya Mathew, who e-introduced me to the editor, Vanessa Williams. Hopefully, she continues up the chain so I can meet the owner before he blasts off into space. Gotta interview him on a future podcast of mine… The Baldcast.

ANYway… yes, the story I tell is personal, but this is much larger than just me. The more clicks, comments, and shares, the more the mainstream media will recognize us.

Thanks, as always, for your support... have a great weekend!

- Rajiv