Satyal Comes Alive!

Facebook + Instagram Live Every Thursday 10 PM ET.

All -

It has been a trying week, to say the least. Hope y’all are keeping safe.

This is about the project nearest and dearest to my heart these days:

For the last month, I’ve been Going Live on Facebook and on Instagram

Thursdays. 10 PM ET. 7 PM PT.

(Fridays 7:30 AM IST.)

Comedy. Pop Culture. Politics. Personal Branding. Philosophy.

Those are the five topics I usually cover.

Tonight, though, it’ll be all about George Floyd and racial equality.

I reply to your Facebook comments in real time. (I try to do the same with Instagram.) So, sign in just to hear me say your name. Ha.

You can even set up a Watch Party and invite your friends.

Because I just had so much to say, I even went live this past Monday. Here’s what it looks like.

Thanks to your help, the numbers are going up each week; each video is getting thousands of views.

Please mark your calendars for Thursdays 7 PM PT for the foreseeable future.

“There is no such thing as the foreseeable future.” - David McCullough

Still, mark your calendars, anyway. And tune in tonight.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

- Rajiv