The Funny Indian Newsletter, Vol. CLXVII

August 2020: Rock On


Greetings from LA! Lots of news. Let’s get into it. Enjoy…


I experiment with spoken word/slam poetry… and somehow got rave reviews on the ’Gram.

Comedian Rajiv Satyal interviews Richa Moorjani, who plays Kamala on Mindy Kaling's smash Netflix show, Never Have I Ever:

Here’s the 5-min Instagram version:

Comedian Rajiv Satyal interviews @richamoorjani , who plays a character called "Kamala" on Mindy Kaling's smash Netflix show, "Never Have I Ever."
August 28, 2020

I have some fun with the Netflix show, Indian Matchmaking:

Pretty cool to see our I AM INDIAN video get retweeted by @BritIndiaVoice, receive thousands of RTs and likes, and re-spark the debate between whether we’re Indian or South Asian:



07/30: Facebook Live

08/06: P&G Alumni Foundation / Goodwall

08/06: P&G Alumni Happy Hour

08/06: Facebook Live

08/13: Facebook Live

08/14: Burbank Comedy Festival

08/17: Burbank Comedy Festival

08/20: Facebook Live

08/21: Burbank Comedy Festival

08/22: Burbank Comedy Festival - Best Of!

08/27: Facebook Live


09/17: BLM Panel (pic)

09/19: Sahara Gala


Thrilled that American Kahani published my piece on the Netflix smash hit, for which I did the audio description.



Name all the Beatles songs in this picture.


Who decides how to pronounce your name? Is it up to you? Your parents? Society?

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Are there any songs about August?

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Do you plan to take the COVID vaccine (when it becomes available)?

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I have a question about drugs. And I realize I may come off completely naive, perhaps because I don't do drugs.

When I listen to today's music, it seems riddled with drug references. Same thing with music from the '60s through the mid-'80s.

Did drugs skip a generation….?

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Since this is a FUNNY Indian Newsletter, I present here the 5 funny things that I saw, heard, wrote, or remembered for the last month... otherwise known as FIVE - Funny Indian's V Events. 

5. A while back, I joked that Biden’s name should be Joe Gaffe-Again. Well, the real Jim Gaffigan, with whom I’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage a couple of times in New York, had an absolute meltdown about Trump Supporters, which was simultaneously hilarious, maddening, and poignant… like a lot these days. Here’s how he chose to address it.

4. My wife put me up on TwinsthenewTrend and I’ve watched a ton of their videos. It’s basically a couple of black kids who mostly check out white music for the first time… and mostly love it. Their most viral is Phil Collins. Forget politics. If anything can bring this country together, it’s stuff like this. Just check out the YouTube comments. Love all around.

3. Hilarious… and poignant.

2. My two favorite things are People Falling and People Getting Pissed. Well, here’s both.

1. I have really fallen in love with comedian Andrew Schulz. He’s dirty but wow. Hilarious and insightful… and honestly, optimistic, if you listen closely.

Some doctors are claiming Hydroxychloroquine is a cure. Let’s get to the bottom of this...

Created and Written By: Andrew Schulz & @markygagnon
Edited By: @alexxmedia
Contributing Writer: @robbyslowik
Graphics: @milesmccreery
Special Thanks: @benjaminuyeda
August 1, 2020


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R.I.P., Chadwick Boseman.