The Funny Indian Newsletter, Vol. CLXXVI

May 2021: Maybe


Greetings from New York City! It’s been a fun month: I dropped a video, became a host for the P&G Alumni Podcast, wrapped up our game show, and led a Personal Branding session for EA. This coming Monday, May 30, marks 15 years in Los Angeles for me. That’s half of the 30 years I spent in Ohio.

Now, the news.


The Mispronunciation of Kamala Harris

Thanks to so many of you for liking, commenting on, and sharing my latest video. In case you missed it, I released this deep dive into Identity in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

It features interviews with two powerful women of color:  Actresses Richa Moorjani (South Asian) and Candy Washington (Black).

I believe it's a strong — and funny — statement from and for our communities.


Desi Chain had a super fun run. You can catch old episodes at


I’m honored to be one of the new hosts of the P&G Alumni Podcast. My very first chat was with Noel Geoffroy, a President at Sanofi. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.


I interviewed Lalita Satyal about being a Mom!

Do something I should’ve done more of as a kid...LISTEN.



To all those sensitive comedians after I said Elon Musk killed it on SNL:

I’m not saying Elon Musk is funnier than you.

I’m saying he’s better at telling jokes than you are at inventing electric cars.


When Covid cases spike again, the CDC's mask decision will look very stupid.


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Name the 10 fluids that go in a car.

Name the 9 current Supreme Court justices.

Name the 9 original members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Name the 10 ratings on Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.


Since this is a FUNNY Indian Newsletter, I present here the 5 funny things that I saw, heard, wrote, or remembered for the last month... otherwise known as FIVE - Funny Indian's V Events. 

5.  In 2004, Toby T. Swift started following me all over the country. He'd show up in the strangest of places. I couldn't figure out why he was stalking me — until this week, when he dropped his single. I mean, this took some serious planning on his part. He waited 17 years to release "Cicada Love Call." You can listen on Spotify... though the sound may be worse than the cicadas' buzzing.

4. Many of you know what a massive Andre Agassi fan I was/am. This wasn’t hilarious as much as amazing — though it’s still pretty funny. I’ve long been fascinated by moments where we realize something but try our best not to betray that we’ve discovered some newfound knowledge. They’re normally portrayed in dramatic moments (Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood or Ed Norton in Red Dragon). Moreover, at the 2008 NetIP Conference, Sheel Mohnot was called my doppelgängers. There was a moment we both realized it — and were happy to share it.

3. Guess he’s out of touch.

2. What.

1. Again, I was surprised Elon Musk’s SNL monologue was as strong as it was.


THANK YOU to all of you for your support. You are my true core of fans — I couldn't do this without you. If you think this may spark joy for your friends during this difficult time, especially in India, please feel free to forward it along...

- Rajiv