Why Biden A-Z

A is for Apple

Comedian Rajiv Satyal Is... The Man in the Middle

I'm releasing 26 one-min videos on why we should support Joe Biden. I may not send you 25 more of these emails. 😆 You can always check my social media pages. Enjoy.

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As Hannibal Lechter said: “Read Marcus Aurelius. First principles. Of each particular thing, ask, ‘What is it in itself? What is its nature?’” Corporations exist to make money for stockholders. That's it. They’re even blatant about it now: in 2012, an Apple executive straight-up said, “We don’t have an obligation to solve America’s problems.” Wow. That’s why Occupy Wall Street was misguided. Remember when all those young peeps sat in the park, distracted by their iPads and iPhones? Should’ve been called Pre-Occupy Wall Street. But why were they in New York? They should’ve marched on DC. You can’t get mad at companies for doing what they exist to do. It’s the government’s job to keep ’em in check. The stock market keeps going up despite political turmoil because companies are now more important than countries. Both parties are beholden to Corporate America. But at least the Democrats’ DNA is Labor. Let’s get Joe Biden in there and then pressure the hell out of him to reel in Big Business. “Ffffffffff.” - Hannibal Lechter.


Why is "the man in the middle" choosing sides? Because Donald Trump is too far to the right. (Bernie Sanders was too far to the left.) Joe Biden + Kamala Harris represent the center... and our best path forward.

Thanks, as ALWAYS, for your support!

- Rajiv